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Who I am and what I do.....

Well here it goes, my name is Ryan and since the age of 10 I have loved Nature and the outdoors and now I'm 24. Over the last 14 years my passion for protecting, filming, photographing and sharing wildlife knowledge with people has never been stronger. My love of Nature has been passed down from my granddad to my older brother Mike(Click link here for him) and to then to me. I have some wonderful memories rushing home from school where my brother would be waiting for me with a Bag packed ready for an adventure in the countryside. I would often use his Canon camcorder to film local wildlife and the wildlife that sticks in my mind is a family of Foxes and a family of Swans if I only knew then how my interest would have developed over the years I would have spent more time watching them with childhood innocence without  knowing all the dangers these creatures face.

I spend most of my spare time outdoors whether watching wildlife or just sitting under an old oak pondering future plans and the challenges life brings.

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