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Hopefully you will appreciate and take interest in my project it will not just help monitor local swans in the winter but allow us to monitor vunerable wildlife along our waterways. Any monies donated will be appreciated and are going to a good cause plus you can watch me and my camera man start the project from raising the money to modifying the boat and to my adventures on the water. We will be making regular Vlogs which will be available on Youtube through uploaded videos and Youtube Live.

The basic idea of the Swan whisperer project involves getting a cheap Canal cruiser that needs some work and would involve clearing out the cabin then making space for a desk and place for 2 people to sleep for nighttime filming and wildlife monitoring.  As I am short of funds and want this project to be unique and involve lots of wildlife lovers to help get the project started. We are hoping to raise upto £1000 for the project to cover the boat cost. I can just about afford the monthly cost of secure mooring, Canal and river license, fuel costs and my brother said he will help with the filming, fuel costs and labor/materials needed to get the boat ready.

To raise funds for the project I am going to be asking for monie donations and items we can can sell on the page here

You choose how much to

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We accept Paypal and are setup on Patreon plus we have donation boxes in some locations locally.

To anybody that donates more than £10 they are welcome to come aboard and visit us for a cup of tea/biscuits and maybe even a cruise

along the trent and mersey canal for high donations. We have a money raised page here for you to see how the project funding is going.

I can't wait for this exciting journey we are about to go on hopefully some time soon!!!

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