Protection and monitoring of local wildlife


My love, my passion and my truest feelings....

I am so thankful to live in an area surrounded my woodlands, rivers, streams, canals and being an hour from the coast the wildlife I get to see is so varied. Wildlife and Nature has given me so many things in my life from helping me through tough times in life like the loss of my sister to giving me glimpses of Nature not often seen by many. In return for this I feel dedit to pay mother nature back and to help protect creatures and habitats from the humans who wish to did it harm. Luckily I have my brother who has backed me up and stood by my side in some really edgy situations when we have encountered some nasty people in protection of nature. From educating the public to evidence gathering to reporting wildlife crimes to the police to patroling vunerable wildlife areas and even rescuing creatures when needed we do it all and love it so much.

Below is a few examples of moments protecting Nature locally and on the coast of North Wales (Even on our holidays we like to help wildlife)

Air Rifle Canal shooter

Illegal nets Welsh beach

Swan Cygnet rescue & reuniting

Disturbing Badger diggers

How will the boat help with protecting Wildlife?






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